In Tyler’s rookie season 2017-2018, he finished with 18 goals and 10 assists for 28 points. This year, the talented sophomore is one of the top scorers in the league with 20 goals and 22 assists for 42 points.  He was named the Tim Hortons Player of the Month for November 2018 in The Shoreline newspaper. 

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec. Last Junior Team: Kuper Academy Kodiaks, CBR Junior Renegades.
Last Minor Hockey Association: Lac St. Louis.
Favourite Hockey Player: Ryan Getzlaf.
Favourite Hockey Memory: Peewee hockey tournament in Switzerland.
Dream Vacation: Australia.
Something Most People Don’t Know About Me: I’m shy around people I don’t know.          Currently: MUN Geology.  What Star Would You Date: Scarlett Johansson.     Favourite Song/Band: Roots/Zac Brown Band.
Favourite TV Show: The 100.
Favourite Saying: Rise and rise again, until lambs become lions.
Biggest Influence on you playing: Mom.