Core Values


Selflessness. We want a team-first approach. Friends for life. We got your back.


Respect for your teammates, for the game of hockey, referees, officials, the other team, your coaches, the executive, yourself.


Enthusiasm. The reason why we play or volunteer…the love of the game. Passion…safety…fun.


A four-year journey to learn more about the game and yourself. We want our players to pursue growth in their career and education. Become better…at hockey, school, work, etc.


We give back to the community. $10, 000 since 2010. St. John Ambulance. Riley Mercer Night. Honorary Renegade. Encourage volunteerism. Leave people better off than before they became associated with our club.


Commitment to your teammates and coaches. Dedicate to showing up for practice regularly and train hard. Work hard.


Integrity. Honesty. Be a good sport…treat the opposing team with respect and honour.